Balanced Cirles

3 Steps Closer to where you want to go

At certain points in life, we would be in a situation where we would stop and start reflecting on our current situation, are we still on the right track? is the track RIGHT? what went wrong? what is going right? 

No matter what was your age or where you come from, the challenges of life are almost always guests at your doorsteps.


Throughout my personal & professional experience, I've reached to some simple yet very powerful conclusions about how to look at life, and how to go through it, and that is by looking at life in terms of circles, which are divided into:

  • Private

  • Personal

  • Professional

And despite that these circles are very common among everyone, it was the right balance between each, that made all the difference for me, and what worked for me, I used to use it as a baseline to helping others by using the same thinking methodology that I used as a CEO, a Consultant, a Coach and as a Friend.


Recently I decided to take this methodology out in the open to become a project that would benefit a wide range of people in their life and career.


I hope you would enjoy the materials covered in this project, and that it would help you even in a small portion as it already helped a lot of people before. 


Contact with  me through my facebook page:

Samer Chidiac 
Author & International Speaker
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