The 1%

Everyday, we go through our online social feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, and we get bombarded by 100s and even thousands of information, some may be useful, some may not, some may be funny, some are sad... You sometimes wonder how much of these you would actually retain in your head after a while?

Facebook introduced a feature recently, called Memories, where you can actually check some of your posts years before... I saw some posts that were 9 years old and I could still remember them like they were yesterday, while some that are one year old, I really have had no memory of that at all... It was like I was reading a post for a complete stranger.

But for some reason, I can Still remember this post from 9Gag "The Most Motivational Poster EVER", and it's too simple and yet very powerful that it hurts to ignore it...

The meaning, is plain simple: if you put a 1% extra effort in your work, life, relationship... practically if you put a 1% extra effort in anything everyday for 1 year, you will get a 37.8 times improvement,

While the opposite of that, if you put 1% LESS effort in anything everyday for 1 year, chances are that it would deteriorate until it reaches 3% of its original size.

I don't know about you, but for me THAT'S POWERFUL!

I know of a lot of relationships that went horribly wrong despite that they were going incredibly right over 7-10 years!

I also know of a lot of companies that were all over the news, and considered like the TOP with no evidence that things could go wrong... and Yet, things did... And they were out of the market in a record time!

How about that simple employee with a simple salary, who managed to save money enough for him to buy a house and have a positive financial balance, while another who makes 5 times is so in dept that no matter how much he earns, he loses?

So there you go, let's first divide the improvement into 2 categories:

  • Incremental improvements

  • Strategic improvements

Incremental improvements to your life, work, relationships etc, are the ones that you make to keep things alive and more relevant in a changing world.

Think of the Incremental improvements as being everyday things that you need to fix / improve, like per example having a door that produces noise every time you open it, so you fix it... or cutting on the steps in a process, and at the end improving it overall

Strategic improvements, are a selective types of improvements that you would know that they would present a significant change in your life one way or the other.

Think of Strategic improvement like taking the decision to take a class, or continue to a master's degree, or changing careers or traveling to a new country... These changes / improvements, once done, would have a significance effect on you.

Now what would like to take out of this article?

Of course, we start by emphasizing on the importance of everyday improvement, that can start by simply reading 1 page of a book.

Then is by planning the improvement strategically, per example, if you have plans to change career one day from IT to Marketing, or From Legal to Finance, it would be worth it to start by focusing your improvement plan towards the direction that you would like to be going towards to.

So per example, if you don't speak french, and you start by learning just 1 word every day, over a period of time, you will move to sentences, and then to paragraphs, then to articles and so on...




Samer Chidiac is an international expert & speaker who influences hundred of thousands of people all over the world on a daily basis. Balanced Circles is part of the portfolio of initiatives within the "Influencing the Life of others" Project.

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